Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Jinja2 templates
Lecture: Better organization for your template files

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0:00 I'm not a huge fan of piling all your templates
0:02 in here, no.
0:03 It might seem like it's just no big deal
0:05 it's all going to be fine because we have three
0:07 only two real ones and one is the shared one right?
0:10 But if you look at something like
0:13 we could have like 62 separate templates
0:17 and they under different circumstances
0:19 look real similar like index.
0:21 Now it could be the main index or it could be the index
0:23 for your account home or things like that.
0:26 I really don't like having them all crammed in here.
0:28 Let's do a little bit of work ahead of time
0:31 to get this organized better.
0:32 Now there's not really enough going on here
0:34 to make this super obvious.
0:36 Still I think it will be, you'll get the idea.
0:38 So let's go here and make a directory called shared.
0:41 You know what goes in shared?
0:42 That's right, that goes in there.
0:45 And then we're going to make another one
0:46 let's suppose we're going to have some home groupings
0:49 stuff about the home page and what not
0:51 so like home about contact, those are all going to go
0:55 in there. Now that seems pretty cool right?
0:57 But there's going to be a load of problems.
1:03 How did that run? Did that get...
1:06 Let's see if that got changed.
1:09 Look at that! That is so incredible.
1:12 Sometimes I forget PyCharm's just awesome.
1:14 So what happened when I dragged that in there
1:16 is it said oh we were using this
1:18 but now where you've moved it around
1:19 so in order to fix it so it doesn't crash
1:21 'cause it would have, it's going to put it
1:24 put the directory name there.
1:25 So that's super cool that PyCharm fixed that
1:27 and it also did that up here.
1:30 Look at that when we put that in shared.
1:32 So, okay, I'm impressed.
1:34 I was able to drag those all around
1:36 and actually PyCharm fixed everything.
1:38 But you would have to make sure that you did that.
1:41 Now let's just double-check one more time.
1:43 Everything's still working.
1:44 Home page, fancy fancy about page, all right.
1:48 It's all working just fine and it's using our nice
1:50 new organization.
1:53 You don't have to do this but trust me
1:54 on real sites with 50 or 100 templates
1:58 you will thank yourself over and over again
2:00 for this organization.