Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Introducing the Flask framework
Lecture: Get the back story

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0:00 Finally, you might want to get the back story.
0:02 You probably have heard of my podcast, Talk Python to Me.
0:04 Well, over there, I interviewed David Lord.
0:07 And David Lord is the person in charge of Flask these days.
0:11 He helped it go 1.0, he's overseen
0:13 many of the building blocks of Flask
0:16 things like Click and Werkzeug and things like that.
0:19 So, if you want to hear his story around Flask
0:22 and the update for where it's been and where it's going
0:25 check out Episode 177 to Talk Python to Me
0:28 that's
0:31 And similarly, if you want to get
0:32 the back story on SQLAlchemy which we haven't
0:34 spoken much about yet, but we're going to
0:37 that's going to be our data access layer
0:39 I also interviewed Mike Bayer long long ago
0:42 you can see back in 2015 I interviewed him
0:46 and you can check that out at
0:50 So, if you're the type of person that really
0:51 likes to hear the personal side of these
0:54 technologies and the history and so on
0:56 check these out, they'll help a lot.