Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Git the source code

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0:00 Think back when you were younger. Much younger and you had cool stuff like these Legos. And it was so fun to have all the Legos
0:07 all the little parts and cool things you could put together. Wasn't it more fun to build something?
0:12 This course is just the same. You can have all the code and you can poke around with it and play with it.
0:16 I'm going to teach you a bunch of little stuff. But it is much better to build something awesome along the way.
0:23 We've set up this course for you to follow along. The way you do that is each chapter, maybe not the very first one but all the meaningful chapters
0:30 that have code that we write will have a beginning and ending version of the code. So let's just take chapter five for example
0:37 not sure what that topic's going to be yet how it's going to fall out but whatever we did in chapter five there's going to be something called starter
0:43 and that's going to be the code that we started from in chapter five. Probably that was the finished version of chapter 4 but not always.
0:50 So there's going to be something we start with and then there's going to be final code. So anytime you want to follow along
0:55 you go take the copy of whatever chapter you're at and you want to go from there grab that code and you can write the new code that we're working on.
1:03 Or just, you know, check out what we built in the end. Of course, if you want to take it to another level go and try to create a project
1:10 that's similar but not the same and follow along over there. But in case you were trying to follow along
1:15 with the app we're building, which is a good idea and you get lost, just grab the starter code from any particular chapter
1:21 where you kind of want to resume from. All right, that's it. You should be all set up and ready to take this course.

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