Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What app will we build for this course?

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0:00 Before we get into all the details of Flask
0:02 let's talk just a little bit about
0:03 the overall web application that we're going to build.
0:07 Some courses might build a bunch of little sites
0:09 but what we're going to do is going to build a proper
0:12 large, comprehensive application in Flask.
0:15 And I think the one that we have picked out here
0:17 is going to be so much fun.
0:19 It really matches a lot of the web apps
0:21 that you might need or want to build.
0:23 So, let's go dig into that
0:25 and see what it is that we're going to build.
0:26 I'll take you on a quick tour.
0:27 Now, if you've worked with Python for anytime
0:30 this is probably a familiar site to you.
0:33 You've seen something like this, right?
0:34 This is where you can go
0:35 and find all the amazing packages in Python.
0:38 You want to work with Flask?
0:39 You get Flask from the Python package index.
0:42 And down here, you can see there's some popular ones
0:45 like Gevent or Boto3 or the AWS Command Line Interface.
0:49 We open this up and we have all sorts of details, right?
0:52 So, what we want to do is build an application
0:55 a lot like this, right?
0:56 Here, we've got our project history.
0:58 We've got the license.
0:59 We've got the various maintainers if there are any
1:01 homepage, all the description, and so on.
1:05 However, let's zoom back just a little bit.
1:08 Yes, do you see the URL up here?
1:10 In fact, this is the application we're going to build.
1:13 We're going to build a replica of
1:18 Alright, let's pull this up here. There we go.
1:21 Maybe the zoom is not quite the same
1:23 but it's generally the same here.
1:26 If you go and pull up one of these down here
1:28 like this one, you can see
1:30 again, one is zoomed a little more than the other
1:32 but other than that, these are real similar.
1:33 So, what we're going to do
1:34 is we're going to create PyPI the website.
1:37 Now, of course, it's going to be not all the infrastructure
1:40 just the main website that shows you things like this
1:43 allows you to login and register
1:45 find the various packages
1:47 and list the popular ones here and things like that.
1:49 It's got all the elements of most major web applications.
1:53 It's not super complicated, but it's not a toy app either.
1:57 I'm really excited to build this with you
1:58 and I think it's going to be so much fun
2:00 and I think you'll get a lot out of it to have this
2:02 as a working example at the end of this course.