Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: The incredible power of web

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0:00 Before we dig in to all the code that we're going to write and the technologies we're going to use and the types of things we can even build
0:07 Let's take a moment and admire the incredible power of the web. The web is one of the most flexible and certainly most widely deployed
0:13 and used technologies out there. Think about YouTube. YouTube is an amazing web application. It really has brought video sharing to the entire world.
0:22 It also happens to be a Python based web app and it handles millions of requests per second. Think about Airbnb.
0:31 With this web application and a unique sharing philosophy they've literally transformed the way people travel and stay in cities.
0:38 Netflix uses their web app to re-define TV for many, many people. In fact this web app and their infrastructure account
0:45 for 35% of all the bandwidth used in the United States in the evenings. That's pretty incredible. Hey, while we're at it let's throw one more in there.
0:54 You're taking an amazing course and you're going to be learning all about building web apps. So here is another one, Talk Python Training.
1:00 This site is of course built on Python and has taught a ton of people about Python. In fact many of the techniques in lessons learned
1:08 in building this site along with some of the others I'm going to bring into this course. So it's not just about looking at what's out there
1:15 and seeing some incredible web apps built. It's also about taking the pretty amazing web app that I've built and taking the lessons
1:21 and techniques that I've learned and share those with you. Dou you have an idea? Something you want to build for everyone?
1:27 Well the techniques and technologies you're about to learn will let you unleash this incredible power of the web and bring your idea to life.

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