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Chapter: Appendix
Lecture: More Web Design with Tailwind and VSCode

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0:00 So now that you know about Tailwind and that we need to run npm watch if we're going to make any changes to it,
0:06 if you're on the VS Code side of things, how do you do that? Well, it's super easy.
0:12 Let's assume you already have your launch configuration set up from the previous video. I come over here and do this little drop down here and say,
0:21 node.js right there. Notice it even has discovered this run script watch. Interesting.
0:30 But if we pick run node.js, it actually gives us a list for all three options that are specified in the project JSON.
0:38 And watch is sure enough the one I want, so I can hit run on that. And it comes out red, but it looks like it works just fine.
0:47 If I make a change and hit save in the HTML file somewhere, you can see that it rebuilt it right there.
0:55 So it is working even though it looks erroneous, I suppose, whatever. And that's all good. And now we can just come back here to our launch.
1:06 And if we want, we can run this again. You can see run script, right? Run script watch app is running down here just like you would expect.
1:15 Okay, so remember, if you're going to make changes to the web design using Tailwind, you have to run npm watch. And this is how you do it in VS Code.
1:24 Pretty easy. So again, if for some reason you don't want to go and do all this stuff directly in VS Code,
1:31 there's also you can just come over here and run npm run watch. Same type of thing, right? Put that off to the side.
1:42 But you can do it VS Code, PyCharm, so you can kind of have it all self-contained in there
1:46 or just, you know, kick this off somewhere and pretend, minimize it and pretend it doesn't exist.
1:51 Okay, again, that's run in the top level folder where the package.json is. We go back and look at package.json real quick.
2:03 You can see where it's defining what watch is, what build is, what minified build, and all those things, if you're interested.

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