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Chapter: Wrap up
Lecture: Conclusion

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0:00 As we wrap up this course, I want to just give you a few parting thoughts.
0:07 First, be sure to go over to the GitHub repository if you haven't already, start it and consider forking it.
0:13 That way you'll have all these resources to take with you and all these examples. Okay.
0:18 And if you have find that there's a problem with the course, you can go over there and submit an issue. Also use a repo for that.
0:25 The URL is at the bottom. So feel free to jump over there. You can also just click the take me to the repo for this course in the player.
0:33 So what's next? You've finished this course. Congratulations on making it to the end.
0:38 Now maybe you're inspired by what you saw and you want to learn more and you want to go deeper.
0:42 Well, in the appendix, I'll talk about how you can keep working on this project and extend it and make it your own.
0:49 But if we're talking about what do you learn next? Well, I have three courses on fast API, which you can check out over at talk, Python training.
0:59 Of course, the first one to start with is modern APIs with fast API.
1:03 There's also the full web apps one, which is kind of what we were doing with it here.
1:08 And if you thought the beanie and MongoDB stuff and async database access was awesome, of course on that.
1:15 And if the async in general, all that async and await stuff, you're like, wow, I never played with that before. How do I do more?
1:21 How do I get better at it? Well, we have again, a whole course on async and await and other types of parallelism in Python.
1:29 If you were inspired by maybe the HTMX aspects and how could you not be? I am endlessly inspired by HTMX. Again, a couple of courses.
1:40 We have one on HTMX and flask, another one, same thing, but Django.
1:45 And if you feel like, oh, my Python could get better, check out Python for the absolute beginner.
1:50 Sounds very, very beginner, but actually it gets pretty advanced and covers a lot of cool
1:54 concepts like if you don't have a CS degree, it teaches you a lot of things you might have learned along that way.
2:00 Finally, if the editor work we've been doing either with PyCharm or VS code was inspiring,
2:06 again, a couple of courses on that a great course on PyCharm and a great course on VS code. All over at talk by the on training.
2:13 Thank you for taking this course with me. And that brings us to your turn. You've got this cool AI sitting next to you.
2:22 Now that you know how to work with lemur and assembly AI, got all the skills you need. What are you going to build? Go build something awesome.
2:28 And if you do shoot me a message, or on mastodon and share with me.
2:38 Let me know what you built because I think people are going to build some pretty cool stuff for this course. All right. Thanks. See you later.

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