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Chapter: Feature 4: Chat Q and A
Lecture: AI Chat Introduction

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0:00 This is a really exciting final chapter where we're gonna build our last feature, the ability to use an LLM to chat with the episode.
0:12 Think about that for a minute. There's been some expert or maybe a couple of experts having a really deep and fantastic conversation,
0:22 often about a single topic. And maybe the host asked many questions, but there's other things you wanna know
0:29 or there's aspects of that that you would like to know. Now, of course, there are limits to how much the LLM
0:35 can infer from just reading the conversation. But that said, you'll be surprised how effective it is to give a little extra information
0:47 through prompt engineering to the LLM, and then the transcript and all the other stuff. And then we'll ask a couple of questions. It's really cool.
0:57 So final chapter, final feature we're gonna add, and I think you're gonna be impressed. We're gonna talk to our friend Pepper and say,
1:07 Pepper, tell me about... Okay, so maybe it's not Pepper. It's actually Lemur. We've been using Lemur for a while. But shouldn't Lemur get a mascot?
1:17 I think Lemur should get a mascot. What about this character? Could that be Lemur? Maybe that thing could be Lemur? I don't know. Just being silly.
1:25 But we're gonna talk to Lemur. I'm gonna ask open-ended questions rather than just, ""Please summarize, or, ""Please put into bullet points this thing.
1:35 You'll be able to ask whatever you want. And sometimes it'll give you great answers, and other times it will say, ""I don't know.
1:40 There's not enough information here. I can't answer that. But let's go. It's gonna be fun. Let's go, it's gonna be fun.

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