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Chapter: Feature 3: Summarize
Lecture: Creating the Prompt

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0:00 Now with the podcast and the episode details, we're able to write our prompt. So let's go over here and I'll write it in sort of a naive way,
0:08 then we'll make it a little more useful. So prompt, remember, we don't want to just say, Please summarize this. We saw how bad that did.
0:22 Remember, the man got stuck and the mayor pulled him out. No, let's go a little bit more detailed here. You are an expert journalist.
0:34 I need you to read the transcript and summarize it for me. You know, by the way, just hitting enter here in the middle of the string,
0:44 PyCharm will wrap it in parentheses so you don't have to do line continuations and carry it on and so on.
0:51 Use the style of a tech reporter at Ars Technica. Great online resource. This comes from the podcast. Let's convert that to single quotes real quick
1:07 so I can put double quotes into our prompt, podcast.title. And it focuses on the subtitle here, period.
1:16 It's really important that all these lines have spaces on the end because this really just becomes one single string.
1:25 This is like having string concatenation in Python. So if you don't have the spaces, things are going to get weird. All right, the title is this.
1:35 And finally, so all of this is setting the stage, right? You're an expert. I need you to read it and summarize it.
1:43 You use the style of typical reporters at Ars Technica. Here's the podcast information. Here's the subtitle, the episode.
1:51 I realize something happened with its F string. Now comes the actual details of how we want the command. So we'll say, ""Your response.
2:02 Your response should be a TLR, TLDR summary of around five to eight sentences. Excellent. So this is the prompt that we want to send over to Lemur.
2:11 There are two little details here. We want to have another response where it's, you know, ""Key moments. Key moments.
2:21 And the only difference between this one and the key moments is this final string here. So let's get rid of this here.
2:31 And we're going to take this and make it its own little variable. So we'll say, ""Extract a variable.
2:36 Or we'll just cut it out and put it here because somehow that's hard. Let's call this ""Prompt base"" because this is going to be reused here.
2:45 So we'll say, ""Prompt base plus this bit of text. Like that. It says, ""You don't need an F string. And you know what? They are right.
2:59 They are in fact right. So this is the prompt because later we'll call this, let's call this ""Summary prompt.
3:06 And then we'll have the, actually, how about ""TLDR prompt"" and the ""Moments prompt. Your response should be,"" for the moments we'll say,
3:20 Your response should be in the form of 10 bullet points. So we're going to pass these two strings on.
3:26 The other little weird edge case here is that, I've said this before, but if you go and actually look at how we're parsing all these RSS feeds,
3:35 RSS feeds are a standard. There are places you can go and say, Does this RSS feed for a podcast match the expected standard or no?
3:45 And yet, somehow, even major places like NPR, SHIP, invalid or missing or somehow messed up RSS feeds.
3:56 So, for example, sometimes there's a subtitle, sometimes there's not. Sometimes there's an image with a URL.
4:02 Other times there's some complex XML representation of that. Anyway, what is all that about? That means this may not have a subtitle.
4:11 And if it doesn't have a subtitle, the prompt's going to look like, And it focuses on double quote. That's going to mess things up. That's not good.
4:19 So let's change this in two ways. Let's make sure that this can be-- put this space over here, even though it's going to make it look a little weird
4:27 because we want this to end right there. I guess we can put it in what we're going to generate.
4:32 But what we need to do is make this some sort of expression right here. So let's take this out and say, ""Subtitle text.
4:41 It equals this, but it only equals this if podcast.subtitle. Else, what is it going to be? A period. It's going to put--
4:52 again, that's where we want to make sure this goes like this. So put the period right there on the end, or put a space in that word, and then--
5:04 we need a space right there and right there. We need a space right there and right there. Again, make sure these don't get mushed together.
5:12 And the mistake or the warning here is saying you can't just put two variables together, so we've got to use the plus symbol on this particular one.
5:21 All right. That's a lot of work, right, to form up this thing. But we're ready to send this off to Lemur. Everything is just fine.
5:29 Let's just do, really quick, print TLDR moment prompt and the moments prompt, just as a way of making sure things work.
5:39 All right. Let's go check it out. Let's go over here and discover. Let's go pick on fresh air. Okay.
5:48 We can do this best of Emma Stone and the birthplace of-- whatever that is, psychedelic something. So remember the way this is going to work.
5:58 Let's clear--there we go. We're going to try to get the summary of this. And because the transcript doesn't exist, we should go ahead and create it.
6:07 We just won't create the summary, so let's test that behavior. So look, it's kicking it off. It says no--awesome--no transcript yet.
6:14 Let's make one for fresh air. And then you can see we're transcribing this. It's running, it's running.
6:20 Oh, and we're searching while it's happening as well. So hang tight. This is a pretty short episode. It should come back quickly.
6:26 Hey, hey, look at that. Summary is ready. That's not technically true because, remember, we haven't actually created the summary still,
6:35 but we should see that down here we have a transcript. All right. So it looks like everything is hanging together so far,
6:42 and more importantly, the reason we did that is we wanted to see what the prompt looked like. No searching right now, please.
6:49 All right. You are an expert journalist. I need you to read the transcript and summarize it for me. Use the style of a tech reporter.
6:57 This comes from a podcast entitled ""Fresh Air. The title of the episode is ""Best of Emma Stone and the Birth of Psychedelic Science.
7:05 Notice right here this period. That comes--well, the period in space. That's because ""Fresh Air"" doesn't have a subtitle
7:13 or any form of subdescription for their podcast, at least not the way we parsed it. Your response should be a TLDR summary of around 5 to 8 sentences.
7:24 And, again, same thing down to here, and now it should be in the form of 10 bullet points. Excellent. It looks like our prompt is ready to roll.

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