Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Feature 3: Summarize
Lecture: Get the Podcast and Episode

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0:00 Now we either said there's no more work to do, we've already done it, or at least we have the transcript created. We're gonna need to give it a prompt,
0:10 a detailed prompt as you saw in the prompt engineering section, saying here's the name and here's what it's about.
0:16 In order to do that, we're gonna need more than a string that just says the title or a short version of the title and the number of the episode.
0:25 We need details. So we need to actually get the podcast and the episode. That's pretty straightforward. So we'll say podcast equals
0:34 podcastservice.podcastbyid 'cause that's what we have. And these are all database sort of things, so they're async. And then we'll get episode
0:47 by episode by number, episode number. And we have these two here. We'll say if not podcast or not episode like this.
1:05 So we'll just make sure that we have both of them here. Oh, and for this one, I was a little quick there. This takes the podcast ID of course,
1:14 'cause there are many podcasts that could have episode 200, right? All right, there we go. So we get our podcast and we get our episode.
1:22 And if neither of them exist, then that's a problem. But once we do, we'll have the information we need to create our prompt.

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