Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Feature 1: Transcripts
Lecture: More Output on Completion

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0:00 Now one thing I noticed when that ran is that it said starting job and unless we ask it didn't really say finish. So let's do two things real quick.
0:11 Let's go over here and track how long this takes. So we can create grab the time when this starts like that.
0:19 And down at the bottom here before we return that value, we can say the DT change in time
0:26 is dot now minus the start time and then let's just print out a message that says processing complete or transcription.
0:40 Elapsed time is however many seconds that took. We needed that precise. Let's put down to 2.2 seconds. There's two decimal places at the end there.
0:54 Okay. So now I have a little bit more awareness even if we're not actually looking at the UI or playing with UI to see it. All right.
1:02 I think this transcribe is done. Pretty cool. Right. I mean there's a lot going on here because we're storing stuff the database.
1:10 We're doing data conversion and things but the essence of it is you know not terribly hard right. Just create a transcriber.
1:19 Tell it how you want to transcribe it. Pass it the data URL and off it goes. for it to finish.

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