Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Feature 1: Transcripts
Lecture: AssemblyAI Library and Secret Keys

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0:00 All right, now we're getting to the heart of the app. We've got this cool web stuff, but the goal is to work with audio using AI
0:08 and Assembly AI, right? And here we are at their website. I'm sure you've checked them out already, but Turn your voice into chapters,
0:20 insight, summaries, transcripts. Here we go with their leading speech AI models, right? They're focused and they have been for years
0:27 just on doing cool stuff with audio and speech. So what you're going to need to do is you're going to need to create an account over here
0:37 to get started. And then once you have your account, go over to your slash app slash account here, click on account to get there.
0:48 And you're gonna need this right here, your API key. This is not actually my API key. So don't feel like you've got a big secret,
0:59 but notice if you hover over it, you can say click to copy and it'll give you your real API key. When I take that API key,
1:08 go over to our settings and put it in there. Remember in the template, I'm not showing you my real settings, but it just goes right there, right?
1:18 One, two, three, four, five, whatever that was, it goes right into there, but not in the template, but in the real settings, right?
1:24 I'm just not showing you mine 'cause it has my API key, which I don't wanna share with the world
1:29 'cause I don't wanna pay for everyone's transcriptions. So make sure you go over and put that in there.
1:35 And then once you do, you'll notice there's a right up at the top here, it says init secrets. We go to it, it just goes to assembly AI settings,
1:45 sets the API key. Where does assembly AI come from? Well, it is installed and it should already be installed.
1:54 And it's gonna be installed as one of the dependencies. So this comes from PyPI. And this is the official API for working with,
2:06 official Python package for working with assembly AI's API. It's their Python SDK, as they call it. And you can see they got a bunch of cool examples,
2:15 how you work with it, real time stuff. This actually, this landing page here on PyPI is actually a really good resource for what they're doing.
2:23 And we're gonna go through and use it and I'll show you how to do a lot of different things with it already, but there's more things to do
2:30 if you'd like to explore more. So in summary,, create an account, go to the account, get your API key, copy that over,
2:41 put it into the, we shall never look at it settings.json in the API key section and the app will take care of setting everything up for us from there.
2:50 We've already pip installed assembly AI and wired that together as I showed you right here in main, like that's assemblyai.settings.api key.
2:59 Then for the rest of the app, it's good to go.

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