Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Feature 1: Transcripts
Lecture: Transcript Feature Introduction

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0:00 It's time. It's time to start building. We're gonna work on our very first feature that we're gonna add to our application, transcripts.
0:13 That first feature is gonna be transcripts. And you can see we have this create transcript button. Now, when we do this at Assembly AI,
0:22 it's not instantaneous. For example, this podcast that we're showing here is 55 minutes long and we want high quality transcripts.
0:32 That's not click the button, boom, here are your transcripts. That has to run for a while. And it's amazingly fast.
0:39 I talked to the founder of Assembly AI and about how they're doing their infrastructure and all those things behind the scenes.
0:47 And they're using a crazy number of really high-end GPUs in Amazon, I believe AWS, and certainly in the cloud, to take this and process it for you.
0:57 For example, when we do this here, it probably takes 20, 30 seconds. If I do that on my M2 Pro on my Mac, it takes like 15 minutes.
1:09 So it's still incredibly fast, but it's not instant. So what we're gonna need to do is add a really cool background feature
1:17 to say you've started your transcripts and we're watching. We'll let you know as soon as your transcripts are ready, we'll pull that in for you.
1:23 So that's gonna be what happens when we click this button. It's gonna kick off a job that's going to start the request
1:30 to process the transcripts in the cloud at Assembly AI. Then we're just gonna hang around until that's done.
1:37 And then we're going to, when they are done, we're gonna put that into the database so we never have to do it again, right? Save it there.
1:45 After that, we're gonna show this really cool page. And you can see here, it even has a little green highlight over the first section.
1:54 You can actually move around here, you're gonna be able to click on it, play exactly at that point by just looking at the text and clicking on it.
2:00 So that's what we're building in this chapter. I think it's a cool feature, and it's really gonna get us using some of the neat aspects
2:08 of this web app.

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