Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Tour of Starter App
Lecture: Playing with the Live App

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0:00 So we got our app all running. Everything's configured Mongo setup, virtual environment
0:06 is set up, our settings are set up, run it one more time. And let's just open this up. So here's
0:12 our app, you can see it has this little pretty simplistic landing page I built, I just wanted
0:18 to have something for you. And if we go over to let's say discover, it'll say here are podcasts
0:25 that you can follow that you might be interested in. So here's a really awesome one, talk Python
0:30 underneath. And there's darknet diaries. And oh, look, there's also fresh air. MKBHD is great.
0:37 And because we're using HTMX, we can do really cool stuff. Like if I want to first go here and
0:42 see followed, you can see I've got these four that I followed, I must have followed many by now I've
0:47 logged in earlier and did this. Now, if I click this watch right here, it goes follow just changes
0:53 to following. So it I have now that means I am following it. And how cool is that? So if I go
0:59 back over here, you can see it's now following I can explore it. See here all of its episodes,
1:05 there's actually more we can just load those without a refresh right there because of HTMX.
1:09 Super cool. Let's see what this vision pro thing is about. It's Vision Pro Week. Yay. So we can
1:15 play the episode. There's going to be a lot of cool AI and assembly AI and audio work that I'm
1:22 going to put right into that section. And then, you know, just on down, here's the show notes,
1:27 and so on. Alright, so we can discover new ones, we can enter them in here if we want. If you had
1:33 a podcast URL or web page, put it in there. If we can parse it and find a RSS feed in there, we'll
1:39 include it in the library and save it that MongoDB that we just got running. Yeah, so we can click
1:43 around here. And that's, that's what this app is about. Okay. Final thing, we'll be able to if you
1:49 log out, you can log back in, come over and create an account. I'll call this Michael to
1:54 put in a password, we'll create an account and boom, we're back logged in. But now we're not
2:03 following anything. It brought us back over here to discover. That's pretty much it. That's the app and how it works.

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