Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Tour of Starter App
Lecture: App Tour Introduction

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0:00 You know what we're gonna cover in the course, and you know how to get your computer set up, at least what's required for it.
0:09 We'll talk a little more about that in this chapter. It's time to dig into the code, isn't it? So in this chapter, because we're starting
0:16 from a somewhat complicated, 'cause I want it to be a realistic app, I wanna show you or walk you through
0:23 a little bit of the code, some of the moving parts before we start adding features to it. Again, take this as a FYI for your information.
0:31 You don't need to follow along. You don't need to be an expert in say, fast API or whatever it happens to be that we're doing.
0:37 We'll work in little tiny pieces as we go. I just wanna give you the big picture when we get started, okay? So let's dive in.

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