Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Setup in Summary

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0:00 So in summary, what do we need to run our app? What do you got to do to get your system ready? I know there's a few steps here,
0:07 but I really wanted to put together an app that felt like a real app and not just a toy. So that's a couple of steps.
0:14 Number one, you have Python 3.9 or higher, ideally 3.12 or higher, but you know, go with the minimum version
0:21 if for some reason you have restrictions there. 3.9 is the minimum. Go and star and clone the GitHub repo
0:29 if you want to make changes and push those changes back, maybe fork it and then clone your fork so that you have permission to push changes back
0:36 and don't change it for everyone. Install a proper editor, an editor that understands the whole projects.
0:42 We'll see there's many moving pieces in web apps, like that is the nature of the web, and having a project structure-based editor
0:51 like PyCharm or VS Code is invaluable. We're going to need to run the database, so either have Mongo directly and be happy to run that.
1:00 And if you don't, install Docker Desktop, either the proper version or the Orbstack version. You can check those both out and see what you like.
1:09 And that's it. Once you get this stuff ready, you know, don't go on to the next chapter till you get these things done. They're all super quick.
1:15 And then let's move on and get into the code.

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