Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Running the DB

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0:00 The final piece of infrastructure or tooling that you're going to need is you're gonna need to be able to run the database.
0:07 It doesn't really matter what database we're using 'cause a lot of that's abstracted. You won't need to see it or know how to work with it,
0:12 but we're using the free and open source database MongoDB. Now to run it, if you already have MongoDB installed
0:20 and running on the default port 27017, that's fine. Just let the app create a database over there.
0:28 It will do that on its own and it's off to the races. You don't have to worry about that at all. But I imagine most of you out there don't have MongoDB
0:35 just running in the background. You're not like me 'cause I work with it all the time. I recommend that we use Docker because with Docker,
0:43 it's one line to install, i.e. Docker pull, and then one more line to run MongoDB without it leaving any traces on your computer.
0:53 Just run it in the most lightweight, isolated way as we can. So you can do that if you're on Mac or Windows by getting Docker Desktop.
1:02 If you're on Linux, you can just get real Docker and go to Docker and then it'll show you how to install it for that. But if you're on Mac or Windows,
1:10 download Docker Desktop, you can see right here. This is a free app and long as it's running in the background, then the Docker commands will work.
1:18 One thing I've been playing with lately that you might wanna check out is something called Orbstack at
1:26 And this is also an alternative desktop environment for Docker containers and has some really cool features
1:33 like you can see here that this container Mongo server is running and it has a little folder icon. You can actually click that and open up,
1:41 in this case in Mac, open up a Finder, just start exploring and editing the files and really getting a look inside similar things with Windows.
1:49 So one of these two things, if you're on Windows or Mac to run Mongo, don't worry about how we do that yet. We'll talk about that just a minute.
1:57 But recommend this, unless you already have Mongo, then you don't need Docker.

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