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Chapter: Setup
Lecture: You'll Need Python!

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0:00 Newsflash, you're gonna need Python to run the code in a Python course. Actually, not too surprising, is it?
0:08 Well, there's a little bit more detail I want to give you. You're gonna need Python 3.9 or higher.
0:15 Right now, 3.12 is the latest, so I recommend that you have 3.12, or if you're watching this later after I've recorded,
0:22 of course you're going to, because I'm not gonna ship it instantly, it's not a livestream.
0:26 You might as well have whatever the latest version of Python is. At a very minimum, you're gonna require 3.9.
0:34 There's certain things we're doing with Python type hints and those types of things that will not work on Python 3.8 or lower.
0:41 I've had people send me messages, ""Michael, you've written bad Python code, it doesn't work. Look, it says that this thing is not understood,
0:49 and I have Python 3, and I'm trying to run it and it doesn't work. Guess what? They had Python 3.8. Python 3.9 is different syntax, and on and on.
0:58 Every version brings a little bit something new, but the backwards compatibility story is really strong with Python. So get the latest one.
1:06 If you don't know if you have Python, if you don't know how to check, or you want to make sure that you're just doing it in a good way,
1:12 you can go over here to Talk Python Training, and we have an article that is kind of a choose-your-own-adventure.
1:18 Are you on Mac? Have you installed it this way? Et cetera. And it'll help you get all set up if you don't know.

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