Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Setup
Lecture: Git the Code To Follow Along

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0:00 The first thing is you're going to want to clone and probably star or fork the repo for the course.
0:08 Here you can see it's at
0:17 And just go over there. You can also just click the ""Take me to the repo"" button in your video player here.
0:25 And this is going to have all the code that you see me write as well as the starter code.
0:32 The starter simplified, not AI enabled version of the app yet. You don't see that yet because we haven't written that yet.
0:40 We're going to do that together throughout this course, but I'll put the starter program in here and we'll start from there and go.
0:47 So be sure to go over pretty much, I recommend you pause it right now. go make sure you have the code for the course, and then we'll carry on.

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