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Chapter: Welcome to the Course
Lecture: Meet Your Instructor

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0:00 Finally, as we close out this chapter, let me just quickly introduce myself. Hey there, I'm Michael Kennedy.
0:06 You may know me from other courses or from the podcasts that I run, but if you haven't, it's great to meet you.
0:12 You can find more about me, my essays that I write and links to many of my personal things
0:19 I'm the founder and host of the Talk Python to Me podcast, co-host of the Python Bytes
0:24 podcast, founder and one of the principal authors here at Talk Python Training.
0:29 And finally, I am a Python Software Foundation fellow, which is a really cool honor as well.
0:34 If you want to get in touch with me, find me over on Mastodon, where I'm
0:42 You can also find me on X, where I'm @mkennedy, if you wish, though I spend more time at Mastodon these days. Great to meet you. Welcome to the course.
0:52 Let's dive into some content.

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