Build An Audio AI App Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the Course
Lecture: Technologies Used in the Course

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0:00 What technologies are we gonna use, you know, frameworks and things like that in this course? Well, there's two core ones.
0:08 We're gonna use the Assembly AI service, machine learning or AI as a service around audio, and that's gonna be really cool.
0:16 And we're gonna plug that into this web app that we just saw, which is built on FastAPI. Yes, you didn't really see too many APIs.
0:24 You can build websites with FastAPI as well, and there's a lot of benefits to doing so. So we'll see how to do that.
0:30 These are the two big pieces we're gonna be working with. There's also a bunch of supporting technologies.
0:36 We have Pydantic, which normally comes with FastAPI, and we may use it with FastAPI a little bit, but primarily what we're gonna be doing
0:46 is using it with MongoDB and Beanie. So the database backend that's gonna allow us to do all the cool stuff, like save all that information,
0:56 do lightning fast queries, and build a search engine, we're gonna build that all on top of Mongo. We're gonna run that infrastructure through Docker.
1:05 So don't worry, you don't have to install anything on your computer other than Docker, and you don't need to know how MongoDB works.
1:11 Just one line of commands, boom, it's up and running. But if you do care about exploring that, well, you'll be able to go a little deeper in the app
1:20 and see what's happening. And finally, we're gonna be using HTMX. We're gonna make this a real dynamic, cool, lively app
1:27 without going to things like React and all the consequences of going down one of these front-end framework sides of things.
1:35 And we're just gonna keep it real simple and use FastAPI and HTMX to create a dynamic and interactive site without actually reloading
1:44 the pages all the time. Kind of a several-page app, not quite a single-page app. Now, you don't need to know most of these.
1:50 We're gonna focus on Assembly AI, and when we talk about those, they've got a really nice Python SDK, so there's not a lot we actually have to do
1:59 in terms of understanding there. And these others, they're gonna be in the background where you need to know a thing or two.
2:05 I'll teach you about them along the way, but they're mostly gonna play a supporting role for what we're doing in this course.

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