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Chapter: Welcome to the Course
Lecture: AI +'s and -'s

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0:00 We're all familiar with large language models and advanced machine learning that have really come on the scene
0:07 in a huge way in the last couple of years. Now, some of these features can be kind of frivolous. Like here's a funny joke.
0:15 Imagine this, this cool guy over there, he thinks he's beat the system. He's like, you know what? I gotta send these business emails.
0:22 They gotta be real formal, but I don't wanna write a lot. I don't wanna write those formal emails. So here's what I'm gonna do.
0:28 I'm gonna write two bullet points, and then I'm gonna hit a button and say, Hey AI, flesh this out, make it sound real professional
0:35 and send it off, okay? Off it goes, lands over on someone's desk. They come back and check their email. They're like, ""Hmm, really? All of this?
0:46 I gotta read all of this stuff? You know what? I don't need this. I got AI, I'm gonna push a button. It's gonna reduce this down to two bullet points
0:54 and tell me exactly what I need instead of all this fluff, right? Maybe we should just learn how to communicate better
0:59 and no one has to go through this, right? So a lot of AI features, they feel like this. However, there are areas where AI machine learning
1:08 really, really do work super well in constructive ways. One of those ways is audio. So imagine we've got some audio file like a podcast, for example,
1:22 and we apply machine learning to it, maybe through Assembly AI's platform. And what do we get back out? Yeah, it's interesting.
1:30 Mark Shannon definitely has vision. He's developed a plan as of years ago, but we finally were able to put him in a position
1:37 where he could do something about it. And we've all been pitching in. A lot of it has to do with just applying
1:42 some of the general ideas that are out there regarding dynamic language and optimization. Things have been applied to other things like LLVM
1:51 or various JavaScript runtimes and so on. So here's a transcript encoded through Assembly AI in the Talk Python from the Talk Python to Me podcast.
2:01 That is word for word perfect of what was said on that show. How incredible is this? It truly is magical. Now, if we take this,
2:11 maybe mix in a little large language models, then we can start to do really interesting things with machine learning and audio.
2:19 And this is the kind of stuff we're gonna explore, these useful AI features in this course.

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