Async Techniques and Examples in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Thread safety
Lecture: Python async landscape: Thread Safety landscape

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0:00 No conversation about threads would be complete
0:02 without discussing the very, very important topic
0:06 of thread safety.
0:08 Once we start working with threads
0:10 we take on a whole new level of responsibility
0:13 and we're going to talk about why that is
0:14 and how we solve those problems
0:16 and how we take responsibility
0:18 for managing our data structures
0:20 and making sure everything is safe
0:21 there's no race conditions
0:22 or otherwise corrupt data in our program.
0:25 But before we get to that
0:26 let's just talk about where we are on our landscape
0:28 in our big Python parallelism and map.
0:31 So again, we're over in this thread section
0:33 and we already talked about why it's in the do one side
0:35 and not the do things faster.
0:36 We saw that previously as an actual demo even.
0:39 When we're working with threads
0:41 we have to be super, super careful about thread safety
0:44 and we're going to talk about that throughout this chapter.