Async Techniques and Examples in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Get the source code

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0:00 Every single thing you see me type in this course
0:02 will be available to you in GitHub.
0:04 Before you go farther, pause the video and go over to
0:12 You can also just click the link to this GitHub
0:15 repo in your course details page.
0:18 You want to make sure you get access to this
0:20 and go over there and star
0:21 and consider forking it as well.
0:23 That way you have a copy of exactly
0:25 we're working with during this course.
0:26 I encourage you to play around and write some code
0:29 and try out the ideas from each chapter
0:31 as we get to them.
0:33 Most of the chapters have a starting and
0:35 final version of code.
0:37 So if you wanted to take, say, a serial
0:40 single threaded computational little app
0:42 that we build, and convert it to
0:44 threads and convert it to
0:45 multiprocessing, and things like that
0:47 you'll have a copy over here on GitHub.
0:49 So just be sure to star this, and
0:51 consider forking it. Definitely check it out so
0:53 you have access to it. If you don't do Git
0:56 and that's fine, just click where it says
0:58 clone or download, and
0:59 download a zip, and then you'll have the
1:00 source, as well.