Async Techniques and Examples in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Recommended text editor

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0:00 In this course like most of our courses
0:02 I'm going to be using PyCharm.
0:04 Now you don't have to use exactly the same editor.
0:06 You can use Visual Studio Code with a Python plug-in.
0:09 You can use Emacs. You can use Vim.
0:11 Whatever makes you happy.
0:12 But if you want to follow along exactly.
0:15 Then I recommend you use Pycharm.
0:16 Now almost all of this course can be done
0:18 in the Community Edition, the free edition of PyCharm.
0:22 There is one chapter on web development.
0:24 Maybe it's a little bit easier with PyCharm Pro
0:27 but because we're not really working with CSS, JavaScript
0:30 the template, anything like that
0:32 I think you could actually use PyCharm Community Edition
0:34 for the entire course. So if you want to use that
0:38 just visit
0:41 Get it installed and I'll show you
0:42 how to use it along the way.
0:43 If you want to use something else, like I said, no problem
0:45 use what makes you happy.
0:47 Just be aware this is the one we're using
0:48 so you have to adapt your editor and waverunning code
0:51 to what we have over here.