Async Techniques and Examples in Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Meet your instructor

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0:00 Finally in this chapter, I just want to say hello
0:02 and thank you for taking my course.
0:04 My name is Michael Kennedy, find me on Twitter @mkennedy.
0:08 You may know me from The Talk Python to Me podcast
0:10 or the Python Bytes podcast.
0:12 I am the host or co-host on both of those
0:16 and each of them cover different aspects
0:18 of asynchronous programming, so for example
0:20 I've had Nathaniel on to talk about Trio
0:22 which is one of the libraries we're going to cover.
0:24 Philip Jones to talk about Quart
0:26 another thing we're going to use in this course
0:27 on the Talk Python to Me podcast.
0:29 You can listen to those interviews.
0:30 And on the Python Bytes, we highlight all sorts of libraries
0:33 that are really useful for asynchronous programming.
0:37 So make sure to check those out if you're interested
0:38 and I'm also the founder of Talk Python Training.
0:42 Welcome to my course, it's great to meet you
0:44 and I'm looking forward to helping you
0:46 demystify asynchronous programming.