Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Thanks and goodbye

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0:00 Look at that, you've made it to the end.
0:02 And there it is, you see it? The finish line
0:05 and you've made it across. Awesome!
0:07 You now possess many of Anvil's super powers.
0:11 And there's actually a bunch of things
0:13 we haven't even spoke about.
0:15 Background processes and other cool stuff like that.
0:18 Go, take your idea, build it on Anvil
0:21 and share it with us when you're done.
0:24 You can put it together without knowing all
0:25 the ins and out of the details of the web.
0:28 You can even try prototyping something there
0:30 and move it into Flask if that's really your end goal.
0:33 So fun little platform, you can build some
0:35 really cool apps as you've seen throughout
0:37 this entire course.
0:38 You can take the code with you.
0:40 Now, sharing the source code with you here
0:44 is different than maybe sharing it with like
0:46 a standard Python course.
0:48 Normally what I would do is just put the Python
0:50 files that you need there, and other resources
0:52 and you would go and use that.
0:53 But Anvil is a little bit different
0:54 so let's break out of this view.
0:56 And actually let me walk you through GitHub
0:58 real quick.
0:59 So here we are at the Anvil Course Repo
1:02 yeah, right now it says private, cause I haven't
1:03 published this course yet, but soon as I do
1:05 that'll be public and you can just get to it.
1:08 So, we've got our source code down here
1:10 and you've already seen two of the things.
1:12 We've added the fitnessd_client
1:14 and the fitnessd_loader.
1:16 Right here is the GUI App that we've built
1:17 for example. Right, you can see it's code here.
1:21 So, this is regular Python code
1:23 you just download this, create a virtual environment
1:25 run the requirements, install the requirements with pip.
1:28 And you can run the app.
1:29 Nothing unusual about that.
1:31 But, for Anvil itself, the thing that we actually get
1:35 when we go over to this thing.
1:38 You can't run this locally, that's not how Anvil works.
1:41 It has to run within Anvil
1:43 cause it's got to tie the client, and the server
1:45 and the database, all that stuff together.
1:47 So I gave you that code, we go back here
1:50 under Anvil App.
1:52 I gave it to you in two forms.
1:54 You can export from Git, the actual raw code
1:57 you can clone it, and if you go down here
2:00 you can see the forms.
2:01 For example, here's the UI definition of our Account page.
2:06 It looks like this YAML stuff.
2:09 And here's our card, and let's see
2:11 stuff that we'll recognize here.
2:14 Label gender, for example, right?
2:17 And then here's the Python code, it is the code
2:19 behind for it, right?
2:20 Here's our Go Pro that we just did
2:22 and there's the code.
2:23 So this is really nice, you actually have the code locally.
2:27 You can work with it, you can do whatever you want.
2:29 With like a local editor and copy code around
2:33 from maybe here, into your real app.
2:35 That's a really nice thing, if I want to just copy
2:38 this whole method into my app
2:40 just go here and just copy into your app.
2:42 However, this can't be run, right?
2:45 So I just gave you this, you can download it
2:46 and have the code locally as text files.
2:49 If you want to run and edit the code
2:51 you have to clone it into your account.
2:54 So over here there's runable, and to do that
2:57 you just click on this thing here.
2:58 It says, "okay, you can start it by clicking this."
3:00 and it says Michael has invited you to work
3:06 on a copy of their app.
3:07 Okay, so that's what you would get.
3:09 That's how you would actually get a runable version.
3:11 That you can tweak and play with, and so on.
3:13 It's a lot of fun, you have all the code
3:15 I think everything you need to take exactly what
3:18 we built right during this course
3:19 and run with it.
3:21 So finally, thank you for taking my course.
3:23 I'm Michael Kennedy, follow me on twitter
3:25 where I'm @mkennedy.
3:27 Check out our other courses over at
3:30 and go build something awesome with Anvil.