Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Hosting on a custom domain
Lecture: We are online and running

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0:00 Well, I've tried to refresh this page
0:02 over the last 45 minutes, close to an hour
0:06 and it hasn't been there yet.
0:07 But I have reason to believe
0:09 that finally the HTTP certificate, HTTPS certificate
0:13 SSL certificate, has been generated and everything
0:16 all the automated systems have kicked in
0:18 over on the Anvil side
0:19 so let's refresh this and see what we get.
0:23 Ta-da, there it is!
0:24 Awesome, here is our application, and it's working.
0:27 We can go over here and we can log into it.
0:31 Tell it to remember us, here we are logged in.
0:34 Again, this is running against the same data, the same app
0:37 it just happens to be hosted on a new domain.
0:39 So all the measurements
0:40 and stuff we've already put there are in.
0:43 We don't have any information to compare ourselves yet
0:45 but that's okay, we can go and just go
0:48 and add another one of these, another measurement.
0:51 Let's do 182, let's do 20
0:53 20 is just going to mess up our graph.
0:55 Let's put 74, 182 and 74.
1:01 And there it is, 182 and 74
1:03 that's our new set of measurements
1:05 but running over our own domain using encryption.
1:11 And just to round things out
1:13 that encryption is via Let's Encrypt.
1:16 You don't really care, Anvil takes care of that for you
1:18 but it's just a kind of bit of a curiosity there.
1:21 All right, we've hosted our app.
1:23 That's a really good step.