Anvil: Web Apps With Nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Databases: Storing and querying data
Lecture: Add the averages table

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0:00 We're going to need one more table for our web app to work.
0:03 When we get to the compare yourself
0:05 against the average person of your age
0:08 and height and things like that
0:10 we need to have that data
0:11 so that we can then compare you to it.
0:13 So, let's add one more table.
0:16 Now, create a new table, averages
0:19 and in here we're going to have just a couple of things.
0:21 We're going to have a text column.
0:23 This will be gender and it'll be like male or female.
0:27 We're going to have a number
0:29 and this is going to be your height, the average height.
0:34 And have a weight.
0:36 And we're going to have a rate as in heart rate.
0:40 And that's it.
0:41 We're going to write a little app to populate this later
0:44 but for now, we're going to have this table just around
0:47 'cause that's going to round out all the tables
0:49 we got to create, might as well do it here.