Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Databases: Storing and querying data
Lecture: Introducing data tables

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0:00 Almost every meaningful web application
0:02 has some form of database.
0:05 If you going to log in and have an account
0:07 if you're going to have a listing of items
0:09 even a blog post probably has some form of database.
0:13 Now, simple blogs, they might have just have files on disk
0:17 or maybe somethin' like SQLite
0:19 but real web applications, they have database servers.
0:23 This might be Postgres, it might be MongoDB.
0:25 When you work with those
0:27 there's a lot of things you have to consider.
0:29 How am I going to talk to the database?
0:32 Will I use the SQL query language?
0:34 Will I use an ORM that maps classes into that database?
0:38 How will I make sure that the web server
0:41 is properly connected and securely connected
0:44 to the database server machine and the database itself?
0:47 All these things can be challenging.
0:50 Luckily, Anvil's packaged the web app
0:52 and the database together and they're already wired up
0:56 and ready to talk to each other.
0:58 So this is really great.
0:59 You'll see that workin' with databases in Anvil
1:01 is, well, it's almost transparent.
1:03 In this case that's a good thing.