Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Follow along to get the most from the course

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0:00 Think back when you were a kid.
0:01 Maybe you were fans of Legos
0:03 and you enjoyed building things
0:05 and you'd see a big box of Legos like this
0:07 and you're like, this is amazing.
0:08 Anvil's kind of like that.
0:09 We're going to learn about all these different pieces
0:11 that we can click together and build amazing stuff.
0:14 And, learning about each little piece in isolation
0:17 it's kind of cool.
0:18 Like, that little dragon green thing in the middle
0:20 that's cool, we could check that out.
0:22 But, you know what's cooler?
0:23 Building things. Actually building 'em.
0:26 So, here's what I encourage you to do.
0:28 I encourage you to follow along in this course.
0:30 We're going to build a fitness tracker app
0:32 and we'll talk more about that in just a minute.
0:34 I want you to think of an app that is similar
0:37 maybe it's exactly the same, maybe it's just
0:39 very, very similar in the type of interaction
0:43 and the data it collects, and so on, and try to build that.
0:46 After each chapter, stop the chapter, go try to build it.
0:50 Either recreate what we actually created in the videos
0:52 or, like I said, something similar.
0:54 You know, we're doing fitness tracking
0:56 maybe you're doing calorie tracking, I don't know.
0:58 Something super similar, but not identical, right.
1:01 Follow along and build it as we go.
1:04 You'll get way more out of this course
1:06 and you'll definitely learn it a lot better.
1:08 Course, if you want to just sit back
1:09 let it wash over you, and just watch the course
1:12 there's no requirement to follow along if you don't want.
1:15 But, like I said, I think you'll get more fun
1:17 and more value out of it that way.