Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Git the source

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0:00 At the end of this course
0:01 I'm going to provide everything that I've created here to you.
0:05 Now that's going to take two basic shapes.
0:08 A lot of that is going to be in our GitHub repository
0:11 for the course over at
0:16 So go over here, star this, and fork it.
0:18 Make sure you have access to it.
0:20 What I'm going to do is I'm going to export the code from Anvil
0:23 and drop it in here.
0:24 That will let you look at the Python files
0:26 and actually see exactly the code
0:28 and you can copy little bits out of there into your editor.
0:31 Another thing I'll do is I'll put a link in here
0:33 so that you can clone a live version
0:36 make a copy of a live version
0:38 of the Anvil app so that you can just, inside Anvil
0:41 say make a copy and start editing this on my account.
0:45 That's probably the best way if you want to take the code
0:47 we create in the course and run it.
0:49 It will clone it within Anvil and then play with it.
0:52 But if you want to take the source files
0:55 and maybe copy little bits in here and there
0:57 over into your app that might be slightly different
1:00 you would probably want to get the source code from GitHub.
1:02 Either way, you want to go here
1:03 this is going to have the link to make a copy
1:05 as well as the original source files
1:07 that we create during the course.
1:08 I'm going to try to provide as much as possible
1:11 of what we create during the course for you.
1:13 Also we talked about creating the client-side applications.
1:16 All that code will be here.