Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Create a free Anvil account

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0:00 In this short chapter, we're going to make sure
0:02 that you have everything set up and configured
0:04 so that you can follow along with this course
0:07 get the application, run it, and most importantly
0:10 build a similar one along the way
0:13 so you can learn, really learn it well.
0:15 Now, the first thing you're going to need
0:17 is an Anvil account.
0:18 So please use the link,
0:21 if you don't already.
0:23 That'll let the Anvil folks know
0:24 that you're coming from our course.
0:26 And you go here and you can sign up for free.
0:29 There are paid versions of Anvil
0:31 and there are free versions of Anvil.
0:33 All you need for this course really
0:34 except for a minor, minor little thing
0:37 which you don't have to do
0:38 is going to be totally fine with the free plan.
0:40 So you create a free account, log in
0:42 and you'll be ready to go.