Anvil: Web Apps With Nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Get the back story on Talk Python

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0:00 Finally, before we kick off this course
0:02 I just want to tell you that if you want to dive deeper
0:05 into Anvil and you want to hear the story
0:07 of why it was created
0:08 how some of the internals work and so on
0:10 I interviewed over on the Talk Python To Me Podcast
0:13 on Episode 138 Meredydd Luff.
0:16 He's one of the co-creators, co-founders of Anvil.
0:20 We talk all about why did he built it, why does it exist
0:23 why does it work this way, a lot of the internals
0:25 and things like that, so you might enjoy listening to this.
0:28 It's about an hour, you know, take it with you on a drive
0:30 or while you're doing some errands.
0:33 It'll give you a personal perspective
0:35 of what we're about to learn.