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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Creating our business name

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0:00 Allow me just a tiny, little diversion here.
0:02 We're talking about how we came up
0:04 with the name "Fitnessd", without the "E".
0:06 I find naming products and naming companies super hard.
0:11 For this one I thought,
0:13 Okay I want to have something that sounds cool
0:14 but I'm not going to infringe on anyone's copyright
0:17 or use a name that's already used somewhere else
0:19 or something like that.
0:21 So I ran across this place called Namelix,
0:23 and if you're working on a product
0:24 you might find it interesting as well.
0:26 So I'm just interested in fitness.
0:28 Let's even say health, something like that.
0:30 I'm trying to maybe get a little off to the side.
0:32 And you say, "I want a medium length names, short names."
0:34 And then I can have brandable names
0:37 like Google or Turo so that they're easily
0:40 to create brands and copyrights and so on.
0:43 So if we go and say that, we can ask this AI
0:46 to generate not just names but logos and colors
0:50 and all sorts of stuff around here.
0:52 It can have, um, in health,
0:54 let's see.. Nutrick, Lenity, Bealth.
0:59 I don't know about that, it's a little bit funky, right?
1:02 This is basically how I came up with Fitnessd, right.
1:05 I can come over here and there's Nurturing, Uh, let's see,
1:08 Ensurity. If you open these up it'll actually let you pick
1:12 different designs and it will create little logos for you.
1:16 So, like this one you could even purchase graphics around.
1:19 It's kind of ridiculous, I have no affiliation with this.
1:22 Open it up, it'll even do things like show you T-shirts
1:26 or business cards, how it would look.
1:28 So, this is how we came up with Fitnessd
1:30 I just put "fitness" in here and went through a bunch
1:32 of options and thought "Fitnessd without the 'E'
1:34 would be kind of cool."
1:36 If you're trying to name a product,
1:37 I have no affiliation with these guys,
1:38 I just thought this was cool
1:40 and it kind of gives you some perspective.
1:42 Here's how we came up with the name.