Anvil: Web apps with nothing but Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: What we will build

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0:00 In this course
0:01 we're going to spend the vast majority
0:02 of our time actually writing code
0:04 working in Anvil directly in Python
0:07 building out our application.
0:09 It's not going to be PowerPoints and just a bunch of fluff
0:12 and walking you through.
0:13 No, we start with blank pages
0:15 and we build this app end to end
0:17 with very little copy and paste
0:18 or starting from any working code.
0:21 So you're going to see it built from the ground up.
0:23 Here's our app, it's called Fitnessd.
0:26 That's how we're going to pronounce it
0:27 and it's dropping the E because we want it
0:29 to be something we could trademark
0:31 and something cool and things like that.
0:33 So we're going to build an app
0:34 and the idea is that it tracks your health
0:36 tracks your stats, like your weight
0:39 and resting heart rate over time.
0:42 So here, you can see, it has a little laning page
0:44 it tells you that if you follow this plan
0:46 you'll wake up feeling energized
0:48 and it's free and it's mobile friendly
0:50 and all of those kind of things.
0:52 Let's go and actually log in.
0:53 If we try to do the other stuff
0:55 it'll make us create our account.
0:56 So, here you can see we have a really nice login page.
0:59 We can login with Google
1:00 I'm just going to login with a username and password
1:02 or I could register.
1:03 When I land here, you can see this is our homepage
1:07 that has our fitness details.
1:09 Really nice, interactive graph
1:10 we can come in here and see things like that.
1:14 We could zoom in on a particular section
1:17 like this, and pan it around.
1:19 All right, we can look at our days.
1:20 So we have this really nice, interactive graph.
1:23 So the idea is we want to allow people to enter their weight
1:26 and their resting heart rate one time a day
1:29 and then they'll have a graph
1:30 and they can see, how are they doing?
1:32 Are they getting healthier and things like that.
1:34 There's a nice way for them to add things like this
1:37 so they can say, you know, I want to add a measurement here
1:40 and come down here and pick.
1:42 Cool, another date just like that and so on.
1:45 But their heart rate is 75 or whatever
1:48 and now weight is required and so on.
1:50 So, very, very cool.
1:51 We can also compare us against the whole thing.
1:56 You're this tall and you're a male
1:57 here's their average.
1:58 Here's how you compare to those people.
2:01 Okay, so this is the app that we're going to build
2:03 it has a pro, go to our account.
2:06 See, I've purchased the pro plan using a credit card.
2:10 So, I started out as a basic free user
2:12 and I upgraded through the e-commerce system.
2:14 This is the app that we're going to build entirely in Anvil
2:17 and we're also going to build some Python apps on the side
2:21 that simulate things like mobile apps
2:23 that could save our data or other utilities
2:25 that work with our databases here.