Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Thanks and goodbye

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0:00 That's when our close things out by saying thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking this course with me. Thank you.
0:06 Supporting all the work that I'm doing around creating educational material. And by taking this class, you're absolutely doing that.
0:13 So follow me on Twitter, where I'm at M. Kennedy. Listen to the talk by thunder Me podcast if you don't already.
0:19 And I hope that you can take this concept of adding a CMS to a data driven Web app and bring those two together to create the best of both worlds and whatever you're building, we definitely have done that or us over talked by phone training.
0:32 So a training dot talk by fund out of em when you go visit the public details about a course page or are pricing policy or environmental policy all many many of the non data driven parts of that website are powered not by something similar, but almost exactly the same thing that you see going on over here in this course.
0:52 And it has been working beautifully, and I can definitely recommend it, put it into your application because it adds that capability that many people need to go and edit the website without changing the code without being a developer, and I think you'll find it super, super useful.
1:08 Thanks for taking the course. See a line by.

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