Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: Review: Redirects

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0:00 one of the first meaningful features we added to our pipi i app plus CMS was this ability to come up with little girls that were redirects.
0:09 Think of the bit dot li service or some mural shorten her service out there.
0:14 We'd rather have the ability to say a very short name that then could redirect some other site somewhere else in our website.
0:21 That's much more, much longer, much more complex and so on.
0:25 So we added this ability to get a redirect as part of our seem s requests and notice we could get the page, but imagine that that part doesn't match a page.
0:35 So we're gonna come in and say, Let's go and see if there's a redirect at this euro and we get the response and get the euro from there, we make sure we a pen, the query string if it exists, and then we just return.
0:45 And http found to that location because this one CMS method Seamus request method captures every single request that's not already built into the website.
0:57 It's the perfect place to plug in both these redirects and page responses.

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