Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Logging user and system activity
Lecture: Concept: logger integration

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0:00 if you do have a proper logging system in your Web app, and I recommend that you do, because it's really important to know what's going on with your certain on your with your APP on your server, you probably should go ahead and take the time to integrate markdown subsystems, logging bits with what you're already doing.
0:16 So with this one class, this is basically it.
0:19 You just go through and say, I want to override a couple of methods one right over I trace for bows and bow and so on, And then you just check.
0:28 Should I log at this given level yes or no? And then if you should just go ahead and log that message to your logging framework of choice.
0:36 Here we've created a logbook lager and in the trace one we say logbook, logbook blogger dot trace in the info one.
0:44 We say it logbook longer dot info, and that means it just passes those messages on to our underlying pre configured logging system.
0:52 Whether that's going toe files, whether that's going to standard out or whether it's going nowhere, this will go ahead and take care of that for you.

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