Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Logging user and system activity
Lecture: Concept: Setting markdown log levels

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0:00 remember, if you want to control of the messages that come out of the logger just to the standard out just by via print is super easy to Dio.
0:08 We can just go down to the markdown subsystem and get the logging and say, Give me the current longer, which is the standard out, print style logger.
0:15 You have to do anything that said that of its there by default, and then you can set its level brought with do one of these log level enumeration type things.
0:23 So would you say log dot log level equals this and that will only allow error and higher messages to come out?
0:29 Remember, if you want to turn it all the way off, said it, the log level off.
0:32 If you want to see everything, it's willing to show you say, log level dot race or verbose of her boast, I think, is the lowest eso that'll do it.
0:41 You just turn it on and see what it's willing to tell you.
0:43 And if you're not gonna integrate with other logging, you just want to sort of get it to chill out or give you more messages. Here's what you can

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