Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: A rich editing experience
Lecture: Concept: Installing SimpleMDE

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0:00 If you've used no GS before to manage JavaScript dependencies, then this is no big deal.
0:07 But let me just run through the steps of installing simple MD to make sure that you all can follow along now to get started.
0:13 You need tohave in PM and note installed.
0:16 We're not actually gonna run stuff with note, but having it there allows us to do in PM stuff, which is pretty cool. So you want to solve that?
0:23 Once you have it installed, we need to create one of these package not Jason files to get no Jess in PM specifically to save the installed libraries in this location.
0:33 Basically, you tell in P. M. This is the top level of this package you're managing.
0:37 So install stuff into subdirectories year, not your user profile or something like that. We say in Puma Net we don't really care about the setting.
0:45 So we just hit enter all the way through and yeah, it looks great. It creates that package, not Jason file.
0:52 Finally, we say in PM, install the package dash, dash, save it downloads.
0:56 You can see simple MD, but it also goes and gets four other libraries, so it added five packages from 862 contributors and then autumn for security vulnerabilities and found zero perfect.
1:09 So we have a up to date. Simple MBE, then presumably is pretty safe.
1:14 It's been somewhat checked, at least so we've got that installed and you can check by just saying Tree trimming the directories only four level steep and so on.
1:21 And then you can see basically down here we have Simple MD, which has a debug, a dissed in the source code. We really only care about the dest part.
1:29 That's all we want to work with. But it's easier to just let no Js and NPM manage it.
1:34 So I'm just gonna let it install the other junk and tag along, and that's it.
1:38 We have simple MD installed in our static folder and already to start using

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