Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Markdown: A better format than HTML
Lecture: Concept: Rendering markdown

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0:00 Let's just quickly review how we render or convert Mark down over to HTML and this is it. This is all of it. Why is it so short?
0:09 Because we get to use the awesome marked down to library. We don't have to write all the tricky work to do that convergence.
0:14 So we just make sure that we install and then import marked onto. We specify the extras, the extensions to standard mark down that we want to use.
0:22 Especially for us. It's fence code blocks in code friendly and tables, probably at some point.
0:27 And then we just say, Go to the market onto Lybrand, say, mark down, give it the text, passing the extras.
0:33 And for now, we're using safe mode equals true.
0:35 That gives us our HTML and we just throw that in the page and boom, we have, ah, much, much nicer way to represent the content of our pages without the dangers of HTML and yet it looks like HC melon because it

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