Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Markdown: A better format than HTML
Lecture: Extras in the markdown format

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0:00 now the markdown were allowed to write in this section is actually fairly limited, marked onto supports, additional things like tables and larger code blocks and whatnot, which are not appearing here.
0:14 So let's do a really quick addition to make this nicer, more flexible and honestly more powerful.
0:20 So if you go look at the mark down to documentation, you'll see there are all these plug ins or these extras that you can have.
0:26 And I'm just gonna paste a couple that we're gonna use here list that have different sorts of alignment, a better code rendering best code blocks and then tables.
0:36 There's other things you can add. You can check it out, but these were the ones we're gonna add.
0:39 We just go over here, say extras equals those values were passing in. And if we just rerun it, have a look, but or HelpAge.
0:48 Now things look a little tiny, bit different, like, especially around the code.
0:51 This part, if you have multi line blocks of code, this is gonna be much, much nicer. Let's just do a quick back and forth. Here's the old one.
1:00 Here's the new one. We're not writing any tables here. But of course, tables would not have worked here.
1:06 Tables will work over here for now and so on so we can extend the type of mark down that we can right from just basic marked down to these extensions.
1:15 If we go in, enable some of these extras in mark down

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