Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Markdown: A better format than HTML
Lecture: Adding markdown content

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0:00 here we are in our next copy of our source. Good. Here. You can see it's chapter eight mark down and templates.
0:07 So it made a copy of what we had from chapter seven, and we're gonna start working on it from here Now. Quick admin note here.
0:14 I've changed this around a little bit. So that were now pulling the requirements about txt file which didn't exist.
0:20 Created one in and using that for their requirements.
0:23 I just find it, it'll be easier to have stuff managed, especially with tools like depend about and whatnot. So we're gonna do this, Maynard.
0:32 No major change, no functional change.
0:33 But we now have a requirements that takes t we're gonna use as we're gonna need to start adding yet still more libraries to this whole app.
0:41 Okay, so for this one, let's just enter some markdown content will just get this started so that we could actually turn it into something if we want it.
0:50 So we're over here. We're automatically logged in from our cookie. We're gonna go to the admin section, go to the pages.
0:55 We don't yet even have a slash HelpAge. Sorry. We can't find that page So let's go create it, though.
1:03 Out of page to be getting help with high P I your l is gonna be help in the contents of the page.
1:11 Well, here's where we write mark down So we just say something like this. So here are a few tips in and mark down.
1:19 If we want on ordered list, we just put a star. So do you have pip installed? Now we can also make stuff bowled by putting double stars.
1:31 We could make stuff look like code in line if we put these little back ticks. So that's like right above the tab button.
1:39 So here's a nice little bulleted list. And then if we want headers, we have each one's like this h twos, h threes.
1:46 I'm gonna go for H two because this is going to be the H one.
1:51 So we'll just dio you have pip installed and so on now actually wrote that whole thing out. So let's not, you know, diet the whole thing in.
1:59 I just want to talk a little bit about Mark down. So here we go. Here's our page. Awesome. Let's go get some help.
2:04 Yeah, that's exactly what I was hoping to build. It's beautiful, right? This is really an improvement. No, this is not an improvement.
2:12 Obviously, we can't just throw markdown into the page and have that work. We have to transform it.
2:18 So we're gonna talk about how we're gonna do that in the various options. We have to make that happen. Do we have the content? Now?
2:26 We just have to go over here and teach our site how to transform that over to what we want over to HTML.

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