Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Saving content to a database
Lecture: Do you need to learn SQLAlchemy?

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0:00 Are you new to SQLAlchemy? Have you not used it before? Need to learn it. No problem. So in this course, we're not focused on learning SQLAlchemy.
0:09 We're not teaching you all the things from scratch, just like we're not teaching the Pyramid Web framework or CSS or a bunch of other things.
0:16 However, being able to work with the database and SQLAlchemy is super important. And if you can't do it, it's gonna be a big problem.
0:23 So here's what I've done. Instead of adding on a big section as part of this course
0:27 Where you need to work your way through SQLAlchemy in regardless of your experience.
0:31 What I've done is I've taken the lessons that we had from our data-driven Web App course,
0:38 where we literally built the first part of this application, the data driven part and we talk about SQLAlchemy.
0:43 In that course, there's two chapters in there. One called Modelling Data with SQLAlchemy and the other is called using SQLALchemy
0:50 And what I've done is I put that in this course, so you have access to it already and its in the appendix.
0:57 If you need to learn SQLAlchemy, pause this chapter. Go back to the course page, find the modeling with SQLAlchemy c hapter and get started there.
1:06 This is actually the exact project that we're using here.
1:10 So in that course, we built from absolutely nothing up to what we started with with this course.
1:15 We build that entire PyPI clone, including the database.
1:18 So the appendix literally talks about building the data at the database access layer as we're using it. So it's the perfect appendix for what you need.
1:27 That said, if you already know SQLALchemy. We're not doing anything crazy.
1:30 You don't need to go and watch that, but if you need to learn it, it's there. Be sure to take advantage before you move on.

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