Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Saving content to a database
Lecture: Introducing SQLAlchemy

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0:00 For a long time we've been using our fake database, which is transient.
0:05 It keep stuff in memory, but every time you restart the app, it goes away, and it's not a real database. So we're going to fix that in this chapter.
0:13 What we're gonna do is work on saving pages and redirects and maybe even other information to a database. We're going to use SQLAlchemy
0:22 SQLAlchemy is an ORM or object relational mapper, and it's by far the most popular way to talk to databases using Python.
0:30 It's been around for a long time. It's very polished, and it's actually what we're already using for most of the website.
0:37 Remember, you saw we have these packages that were listed there make it big in the details.
0:42 We even talked about the difference between data-driven pages and CMS pages.
0:46 All those data different pages are already handled with SQLAlchemy and already stored and managed in the database.
0:53 So what we're gonna do is actually just add on to our existing database model,
0:58 so we'll start by doing a quick tour of the data model as it is, and then we'll add the few extra things we need to store pages and redirects in our

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