Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Redirects and the admin section
Lecture: Introduction to redirects

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0:00 We're going to add a cool little feature that turns out to be pretty simple
0:05 but very useful and a great building block along our way towards a richer, full featured content management system in our Web app and that's redirects.
0:15 So what are we talking about? We want to be able to use short little URLs
0:20 that redirect to a much longer, more complicated one either on our own website or external websites. We'll use it for both
0:28 So, for example, over here at Talk Python, the podcast, website, maybe you want to talk about our Python for Absolute Beginners course.
0:35 So we get enter, on that site.
0:39 Internally, it knows about this you're on it says they were going to send that over to this much longer URL.
0:46 some great long URL that's on the end of that that's faded out in Firefox there
0:54 So this is the kind of feature that we're going to build into our CMS into our Web app
0:59 now you might think, OK, this is pretty simple we're gonna keep track of
1:02 just like slash beginners and the destination rural and that's it and it's done Yeah, the actual act of doing the redirect is simple
1:10 However, we're gonna also do our first pass at a really important aspect of our CMS
1:17 And that's having a backend admin section where people who want to edit stuff about the CMS in the database
1:24 can log in and create things like the's redirects They can type it in Hey, if somebody types '/beginners' go over to this place and keep track of it,
1:31 that's gonna be really important for allowing people to create an edit CMS pages
1:36 We're gonna start with the simpler idea first because it'll give us a good foundation to work from

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