Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Course setup and requirements
Lecture: Get the right Python version

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0:00 it's important that you follow along in this course and that you, Brian the code and explore these ideas on your own computer.
0:08 In order to do that, you got to make sure your computer is set up to run all the code and work in the way that you're going to see us
0:15 working during the course. So that's what this chapter is about. Would you be surprised to hear that you need Python for a Python Web course?
0:23 Of course not. But specifically, you're going to need Python 36 or higher these days.
0:29 That's pretty common. Most systems have had bite on 36 for a while. It's been out for a couple of years, but if you have 35 or lower,
0:37 some things might not work. Some of the syntax that has been introduced is really
0:41 nice and will probably end up using it things like F strings and so on. You want to make sure that your Python 36 so you can go to Python dot
0:48 org's Get that? How do you know whether you have Python or private on what version of Python do you have on Mac OS and Lennox?
0:56 You can heip Python three dash capital V Not lower case Capital V, and it'll output the version Something like this. It will say Python 381 on windows.
1:06 Depending on how you installed Python, you may be of the type Python three dash capital V,
1:12 but not every way you install Python A Windows has that feature. So you might have to say Python bash Capital V.
1:19 Now, depending on your path is set up in which versions of Python you have
1:22 installed you might have pipe on two and three and whichever one appears in your path burst is the one that's gonna run here.
1:28 So you could say where Python on windows and I'll show you all the things got installed. You can adjust your path to have the right one.
1:35 So three it is great. If 39 is out By the time you're watching this or some version down the road, that's fine. Newer is better.
1:42 No problem there. Just make sure you have 36 or above. Finally, if it turns out you have an older version of Python or you don't
1:50 have Python and you need to get it well, this visit real Python dot com slash installing Dash Python.
1:56 They've got a list of how you could install Python and the preferred ways of doing
1:59 so for all the different operating systems that would check out that article if you need

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