Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Logging activity
Lecture: Current logging with Logbook

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0:00 There's a lot of different logging vibrators for Python. Python has a built in one. I don't really love how it works. It's kind of I'm not a huge fan.
0:09 Let's just say that. So we're gonna be using this project. This package called Logbook. This is written by the same guy who created Flask,
0:17 actually, and it will push notifications and messages to all sorts of fun things.
0:22 So it's a really nice, simple logging thing that a log to like standard out like print. But it will also logged the files.
0:29 It can even logged like messages to phones for, like critical errors or other other crazy stuff like that if you want to plug it
0:36 in. So I've gone through. And I've actually already added this to our Web app because the point is not to show you how to do logging for a Web app.
0:45 I'm assuming you probably have that, and if not, this is really simple. You can just take it and follow along.
0:50 What we want to talk about is just making sure we're doing the Logging one and then two. We want to make sure that we want to plug in that mark
0:59 down subsystem, logging into it and control it as you want it to happen.

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