Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App Transcripts
Chapter: Advanced markdown
Lecture: Saving shared state

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0:00 Well, the last step. Now that we're getting the data about whether the pain should be shared or not from whoever is working on the site passed over,
0:07 we're gonna have to apply it to the patiently. They're updated here or created over here. So let's just go and add.
0:15 One more argument here is shared and will be the same down on this one. And then I gotta go write it here.
0:25 This one is going to be is chaired as a bull. And then we just simply have to say Page shot is shared. Equals it shared. Done. Super,
0:38 super easy. And where's our create bait? Same thing, Right? Okay, so this might actually do it.
0:52 We might be able to go and edit these various things here. All right, back over here. Let's turn this one into one.
1:01 That is shares. If I check it off and hit saver, submit the form. Click on it again.
1:06 Yes, it's shared. Figured this other one company history not shared and advice submitted still should not be shared, cause that wasn't checked.
1:14 That's working pretty well. We've got whether or not the page is shared. Updated in the database when we save it. We haven't tested that. Create one.
1:24 But as you can see, my child is pretty happy and was super easy to write. That good. I'm sure it's gonna work as well.

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